Dog Minding Service St Austell

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Dog Minding Service St Austell

Q - Do you offer overnight stays at short notice?
A - If you are a day boarder then yes, you would be offered priority, ideally pre-booking is required as we may have home boarders booked in.

Q - Do you offer grooming service?
A - No, at this current time we don’t but could recommend an excellent local dog groomer.

Q - What if my dog is staying with you and my return flight is delayed?
A - No need to worry, if you are able to e-mail/text that would be great, if not we will continue with our day and see you on your return.

Q - What if my dog was involved in a fight?
A - Whilst every precaution is taken to avoid taking aggressive dogs, should your dog sustain an injury whilst in my care, we are within 2 miles of a couple of well-known veterinary surgeries.

Q - What if my dog becomes unwell during their stay?
A - Again whilst every precaution is taken to give the best care possible, sometimes dogs become ill, we will do our best to take your dog to your preferred vets but if another is close then that would be the obvious choice. Any vets bills will of course be payable by the owner.

Q - Can I meet with you before booking?
A - Most definitely yes, we like to meet all dogs prior to any booking as you and I both need to ensure that your dog is happy.

Q - When do I pay?
A - Doggy day care is paid on a weekly/monthly basis.
- Home boarders pay a 25% deposit on booking and settlement in full is required on the day that you drop your dog off for the stay.

Q - Can I cancel my booking and receive a refund?
A - The 25% deposit is refundable if cancelled 4 weeks prior to booked stay.


Dog Minding Service St Austell

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Dog Minding Service St Austell

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Dog Minding Service St Austell

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